Rabu, 15 Mei 2013


There many species in the world that look similar enough to cause confusion. An Example of this is two shelled reptiles, the turtle and the tortoise. Both can see in color and hear underwater. Both have a shell that covers the torso with extremities extending from the shell. they both move rather slowly as the bulkiness of the shell prevent rapid movement. In fact, having this hard, protective covering, they don't need to move quickly even if there is a danger.

Appearing to be the same at the first glance, the turtle and the tortoise actualy have adistinctive differences. the turtle lives in oceans, lakes and large ponds, though the female comes ashore to lay eggs, while the tortoise live in desert and marshes, although it likes water. The turtle has webbed feet or flippers that allow it to swim gracefully, but the tortoise has thick and wide feet like those an elephant, perfect for dessert terrain. The wide feet spread the weight over a larger plane, preventing the animal from sinking into the sand. The turtle is usually omnivorous because in the oceans it feeds on fish and weeds; on the contrary, the tortois is usually vegetarian, or herbivorous. this is the reason why a tortoise is easier to keep as a house pet.

How greats is Allah, who made all creatures perfectly, just how they way the need to live.

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