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         Yes, I knew that we shouldn’t said we don’t like on something but I couldn’t denied that I rather didn’t like mathemathics and everything related with counting.  The reason? We shouldn’t have any reason to unlike on something, should we? But if I should said so,  let say, it wasn’t my cup of tea. Well, I’d prefer to choose language into my cup of tea. On the contrary, I still found computation on language, hahaha. Seem like I should make up my mind again…
          Just like what happened to Imam As Syatibi which never dichotomized a knowledge become parts, all knowledge is all influence one another as well as related each other.  It is recorded in his own phrase in introduction of Al I’thisam “… Since my brain and my soul open to understanding is always directed to examine all of the science, good logic, syariah, fiqh (the points in religion) and furu (branches in religion). I never restricted a science without other science and not alienate the other one kind of knowledge of the othertypes, …”
Strengtened by Said Hawa in “Task of Supervisor and Lecturer”, one of those was they should never insult another knowledge because of different from their subject, student should receive all as integrated knowledge.
It’s proven now, I’d found some computation in language, means that I should count and think with mathematics logic. I should pay close attention to the number, espcesialy  those in relation to time, prices, or numerals such as three, a hundred, and others words like half, twice, etc.
For instance these conversations:
A: My new digital camera can store two hundred pictures
B: Wow! That’s super. Mine can only store a hundred.
C: How does A’s digital camera compare with B’s?
I should count, shouldn’t I? and the answer will be A’s camera has twice capacity of B’s. Because two hundred is one hundred multiply by two. Another example:
A: Your shoes is so marvelous, it’s must be expensive?
B: Not realy, on price tag it’s written 400.000 rupiahs, but I have 50% off.
C: How much does B’s should pay for the shoes?
Again, I should count. 50% of 400.000 is 200.000 and 400.000 substracted by 200.000 equals to 200.000 so B’s should pay 200.000 rupiahs for the shoes. More instance:
A: I would like to buy two dozen of keychains, how much it’s price?
B: two thousands and five hundreds each, and seven thousands for three.
C: How much does A’s should pay for the keychains?
MasyaAllah, it getting more complicated. Let me check my logic, hhmm two dozen are twenty-four, then twenty-four divided by three, it will be eight then I should multiply eight with seven thousands and the result is equal to fifty-six thousand rupiahs. Okey those about the number and the price let’s check another example about the time:
A: Excuse me! I have appointment with Mr. John at 09.00 but I had already arrive earlier from another town. Can I cange the meeting one hour earlier?
B: Let me check his schedule, yup, the schedule is available.
C: What time the meeting will be held?
One hour earlier from 09.00 is 08.00 so the answer is 08.00.
A: What time is it now?
B: It’s twelve. But my watch is five minutes to late than the real one.
C: What time is it now exactly?
It should be twelve past five.

          Well, Lia, from now on you should considering about teach mathematics, ups not that far, start with trying to like mathematics just like you enjoying language. In other words, make mathematics as one of your cup of tea. Worth try… 
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