Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

It’s Done!

          Alhamdulillah what had been planed during this month had been done, so, comes the next target? Hmm, next month will be June and the nearer agenda is… Yeyey lalalala… so ecxited! So many agenda during June, school’s, class’s, your’s, mine, ours and their’s. In the name of Alloh the most gracious and the most merciful, may we through the time by time with all His blesses and we can reach all of our dream in the world and after. Aamiin.

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Berikut adalah beberapa contoh ekspresi memberi saran dan ketidak yakinan akan sesuatu hal:

Expressions of suggestion
Why not/why don’t we/you…?
What about…?/how about…?
Shouldn’t we/you…?
May be we/you could/should…
We/you might want to…

Expressions of uncertainty
…isn’t it tag?
As far as I know…
As far as I can tell…
I can’t/couldn’t say…
I’m not realy sure…
I’m unsure…
I’m uncertain…

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Sebelum membahas compound sentence, kita review kembali tentang simple sentence.
1.   A simple sentence has one subject and one verb. The subject, the verb, or both may be compound.
·        China has become a giant in economy.
·        The father and son work in the same company. (compound subject)
·        The dog barked and howled. (compound verb)
·        Tom and Jerry are singing and dancing. (compound subject and compound verb)
2.   A particular phrase within a sentence, a prepositional, appositive or participial phrase, can cause confusion because the cause may contain a noun or participle thatlooks like the subject or th verb of the sentence.
·        Don’t confuse object of prepositions with the subject of sentences.
The flowers in the vase are still fresh after two days.
(the subject is the flowers, not the vase)
Candidates with experience have a greater chance of getting hired.
(the subject is candidates, not experiences)
·        Don’t’ confuse nouns in appositive phrase with the subject of the sentences.
Norway, one of the Scandinavian countries is very beautiful.
(the subject is Norway, not countries)
Carmen, the oldest of five children, works hard to support the family.
(The subject is Carmen, not the children)
·        Don’t confuse participle in participial phrases with the main verbs of sentences.
The house, built decades ago, stood in the middle of a huge garden.
(the verb is stood, not the past participle built)
The runners, gasping for breath, came to the finish line.
(the verb is came, not the present participle gasping)

While a simple sentence has a single main clause, a compound sentence has two or more main clauses joined by coordinate conjuctions. A main clause is an independent statement, and it does not function as a noun or as a modifier. The information or ideas contained in the main clauses of a compound sentence are of equal importance.
Coordinate conjuctions:
·        Betty is a very lazy student, and she always come late to class.
·        Anna studied hard for the exam, but (yet) she failed.
·        He studied hard, so he pass.
·        Margo did not talk to John, for she was angry.
·        Maryam will stay, or I will leave. 
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Senin, 27 Mei 2013

Menyederhanakan Yang Rumit Dan Merumitkan Yang Sederhana

Nah loh, kalau judulnya sudah seperti itu, kira-kira isinya tentang apa hayooo…?! Tidak pernah jauh-jauh dari secangkir tehku kok, apa yang biasa tersaji di cangkir tehku itulah yang kuminum. Alhamdulillah sampai hari ini belum pernah menginginkan isi cangkir orang lain, hehe. Baiklah mari bersama-sama melongok apa isi cangkir tehku. Ada cerpen, kalau cerpen di stok dulu deh jangan di posting semua. Terus ada puisi, belum nemu inspirasinya. Ada curcol, let say nothing to be stolen. Kalau begitu pasti tentang bahasa, gotcha! Yup, mau membahas tentang kalimat sederhana (simple sentence) dan kalimat komplek (complex sentence) dilanjutkan dengan kalimat majemuk (compound sentence).
Ternyata bahasa sebagai salah satu alat komunikasi mempunyai struktur yang hampir sama dengan kehidupan (maksa baget sih di pas-pasin). Ada yang sederhana ada yang rumit, bahkan ada pembahasan khusus dalam bahasa yang membahas bagaimana menyederhanakan kalimat komplek dan mengkomplekkan kalimat sederhana. Mirip banget kan dengan karakteristik hidup?.
Kalimat adalah struktur bahasa yang terbentuk dari beberapa kata. Mengenai kata itu sendiri sudah pernah dibahas sebelumnya, ada kata benda (noun), kata kerja (verb), dan kata sifat (adjective), pembahasan mengenai kata sifat (adjective) menyusul ya…
Langsung saja dimulai dengan kalimat sederhana kalimat sederhana atau Simple Sentence adalah kalimat yang terdiri dari satu subyek dan  dan satu kata kerja. Simple sentence consisting of one subject and one verb.  For instance : I Love You.
Selanjutnya kalimat komplek atau Complex Sentence, adalah kalimat yang terdiri dari satu atau lebih kalimat sederhana. A complex sentence has an simple clause joined by one or more simple clause. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh complex sentence dalam berbagai phrase (appositive phrase, prepositional phrase, participial phrase):
1.   Appositive phrase
Ms. Emas, the head of affiliate, has two kids.
      S          appositive phrase    V       O
Mr. Hans, the chief of Australia Parliamentary, was here.
2.   Prepositional phrase
The thropy,       on the rack,         belongs to the clever.
        S      prepositional phrase       V
The teachers, in this room, are all female
The gifts, on the table, are not belong to you
3.   Participial phrase
Spalerite, consisting of zinc and sulphur, is the most …
     S                 participial phrase             V  
Life, consisting of tears and laugh, is worth enough to be through.

Sebagaimana tertulis dijudul kalimat komplek bisa disederhanakan dan kalimat sederhana juga bisa dijadikan komplek. Cara mengubah complex sentence menjadi simple sentence adalah dengan mengurangi relative pronouns dan verb. mengenai apa itu relative pronoun silahkan lihat Related With Nouns. To simplified the complex sentence is by omitting the relative pronouns and the verb. For instance: The TOEFL test, (done on Tuesday) was easy. Frase yang di dalam kurung adalah relative pronouns, yang harus dihilangkan untuk menyederhanakan kalimat menjadi The TOEFL test was easy. The TOEFL test, done on Tuesday was easy has the same meaning with The TOEFL test wich was done on Tuesday was easy. (sedang melihat hasil skor TOEFL ^_^ what an exellent score)
Demikian juga sebaliknya cara mengkomplekkan kalimat sederhana adalah dengan menambahkan relative pronoun dan verb. Pembahasan selanjutnya akan membicarakan kalimat majemuk (compound sentence). May Alloh allow us meet in the future, Aamiin.

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Verb form may be classified as follows:

Base form - after modal

·        She can sing well. (She sings well à without modal)
·        The police artist will draw the criminal’s face.
·        I must write the paper now for tomorrow’s discussion.
·        He should let the dog out in the evening.

Infinitive - to show purpose
To start
To Think
To Draw
To Write
To Run
To Let

·        He set aside his salary to start his own business.
·        To write well, we must practice writing a lot.
·        He is working part time in order to finish his thesis.
·        It was thoughtful of her to buy me a watch.
·        The doorbell is too high to ring.


·        My father is very fond of reading.
·        I’m thingking of writing another novel.
·        John is looking forward to running his father’s store.

Past participle

·        The principal wan enraged by the student’s behavior.
·        The contract has been signed.
·        The students behavior had enraged the principal.
·        Mr. Hung has signed the contract.

Simple past form

·        I started to cry as I listened to his account.
·        He wrote a letter to say that he could’t come to New York.
·        Donny saw Andy off to the office.